Are you looking for a reliable Cargo Agency in Essex? Well, look no further. Freight Agencies Forwarding offers unmatched expertise for the most reliable service.

What We Do

When choosing a cargo agency, make sure to research their registration and licensing. At Freight Agencies, we comply with all the standard regulations. For further insight, be sure to check our Testimonials and reviews.

Meanwhile, we have built up a strong reputation over 20+ years. On the other hand, if a company has poor feedback, you know not to work with them.

Freight Agency Essex

Why Choose Us?

 As well as this, we keep customers informed of their cargo’s journey. We find that clients like knowing     where their cargo is. In addition to being very convenient, many customers pay extra for this. Not all     agencies offer this.

If issues arise, we know exactly where your cargo is. We keep a close eye and investigate when necessary. This highlights our professionalism and dedication to being the very best Cargo Agency in Essex.


Furthermore, with any cargo agency, it’s important to look up their safety records. As well as this, cross-reference their contract companies who get cargo from A to B. Even if the company itself has a glowing reputation, its contract companies may not.

At Freight Agencies, we offer competitive pricing plans. This is a factor you should consider when choosing which cargo agency. After all, you may find less experienced companies charging more for services we have proven expertise in.

Moreover, customs charges also play a major role. You may think you know the total cost, but not factor in additional charges when hitting international ports. Our team are more than happy to talk through the process.

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